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“…I was first introduced to trading at the age of 18 in 2008 and since have been a profitable and active trader of large and small cap stocks…”

My Story

Andrew Diaz,
A single father at the age of 19 working a retail job at a local mall when he started investing and trading in 2009.

Coming from humble beginnings, Diaz had a strong work ethic and worked for $7.25 an hour while attending college classes. Trading full-time wasn’t an option for Diaz yet, he didn’t have enough money and needed the guaranteed income to care for his young son.

At one point, Diaz says he remembers not having enough money to purchase basic necessities for his son.

“One of the days I didn’t even have money to buy my son more diapers,” Diaz said. “I remember crying on the way home because I didn’t want to ask for help.”

“After that day I knew I needed change,” Diaz said. “I went into Barnes and Noble and saw the book Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki and it completely changed my life. In the book, I understood and learned about the importance of real estate, investing and business.”

Realizing that starting a business and real estate were not in the cards yet, he invested any extra money he could into stocks, while also going into Barnes and Noble and reading any and all books on trading, investing and personal finance.

These hard times inspired Diaz to work even harder. He stuck to a strict schedule of school during the day, and work at night. Diaz even started a side hustle, selling shoes from the mall online as a reseller ultimately making an extra $1K per week, which went into the stock market. Being a “science nerd”, according to Diaz, he invested heavily into biotech and other tech stocks.

In 2016 he made his first million dollars from his investments. Starting his career at Amgen in 2014 and making a good salary he put the majority of it into the stock market trading and investing. His fiance, now wife, encouraged him to help others with the stock market. Andrew helped a single mom of three learn to trade and once she became a success he determined his methods worked and took his teaching online and founded Stockmarketwolf 2017.

Today, Diaz has two master’s degrees, a bachelor’s, a high-paying professional job as a manager at Amgen, an impressively large 8 figure investment account, multiple homes, successful online businesses, a wife and three healthy and happy kids.

Diaz is on a mission to teach his investing/trading techniques and strategies to students of his own. What started at zero has now grown to over 5k members and over 65k followers on his social medias.

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